Singapore Precious Metal Refinery - Merlion Gold Bar

    Singapore operates one of the ten Gold Exchanges in the world. In March of 2015, the Singaporean government issued the first and only precious metal refinery license to SPMR, thus becoming an internationally-recognized refinery.

The national personification and symbol of Singapore is the Merlion, and the symbol is printed on the gold and silver produced by SPMR in order to manifest a significant position Merlion gold bar has in the international gold market. It is also a display of significant attention from the Singaporean government given to SPMR by authorizing the national symbol being printed on SPMR-produced bullion bars. These gold bars can be used and liquidated in over 190 countries and is among the finest gold in the world.

The Story of Singapore Merlion

      Singapore was called Temasek in the 14th Century, which means “Sea Town.”  When he saw the shape of Singapore from a faraway distance, the prince of Samboja Kingdom at Sumatera was so fascinated that he decided to take a boat to see the island in person. The servants were not enthusiastic about the trip, but had no choice but to make the journey with the prince by boat. As they sailed the sea, the weather suddenly turned south and the waves grew bigger. The journey started to get bumpy and the boat started to sink little by little. The situation got dangerous, and the prince commanded the servants to throw everything out of the boat. The boat still sank. One servant said to the prince, “We have thrown almost everything away, but there is still more thing we can throw away, but you must promise me not to throw me into the sea.” The prince said, “Don’t worry, you can say it.” The servant responded, “Now the only thing we can throw to keep the boat afloat is your crown.” The prince thought about it and said, “Surviving is the most important thing now. A crown is meaningless for a dead prince!”

       He threw his crown into the sea, and at that very moment, a miracle happened. The rough sea calmed and they became safe. As they sailed near a coast, the prince saw a beautiful animal run pass him. This animal had a black head and white chest, and was a creature with a lion’s head and the body and tail of a fish. This is the legend of the Merlion. For that reason, the prince changed the name from Temasek to Singapore, Singa for “lion” and pore for “town” so Singapore means “lion town.” That is how Singapore got its name.