The Types of investment-grade gold bars

There are two types of investment gold bars –

1. Pure investment-grade gold bars, and 

2. monumental investment-grade gold bars.

       The value of investment grade gold bar is basically the same as gold in the market. Its price is fluctuated with the international gold price.  The price of fine bullion keeps in line with the gold price; however, its premium rate of selling (which is the price discrepancies between gold value and the price it sold) will be different based on whether the gold is from an internationally certified precious metal refinery, as well as having an appropriate certified packaging. Apart from the investments value , investment-grade gold bar is beautiful and retains a strong global circulation and hedge . It is a wise choice collecting gold as a financial instrument.

       Monumental investment grade gold bars have a higher premium rate, thus generating a greater growth potential and collection value, compared with pure investment-grade gold bullion.

       The price of the monumental investment grade gold bars is mainly determined by the following 4 factors: 1. The lesser the supply, the higher price; 2. the older the casting time, the higher value it has; 3. the source of the product; 4. the value of design and its commemorative significance. On account of the limited releasing quantity, it has a higher appreciation and historic significance. Most investors purchase the monumental investment grade gold bar for its bullish investment value (投資增值), as well as the collection and appreciation value. All in all, it possesses great investment significance.